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"Hollow Large Wrapped" Hemp Stalk Drumsticks


Designer: Hemp Tempo



This model has been prepared from the largest and the heaviest stalks. Both sides are hollow. We tied and glued two layers of colored hemp yarn on one end to make it stronger and sound softer. The weight of one stick varies from 25 grams to 65 grams. The diameter varies from 1.9 cm to 2.2 cm. The length of the sticks is 40 to 40.5 cm. They will fill your palm with hemp power! 

Özün Usta
Hemp Drumsticks and Mallets invented by Özün Usta

When Özün Usta first hit the drums and cymbals with a thin hemp stalk and heard the unique sound, he decided to perfect the concept of pure hemp percussion sticks. The stalks come from Kastamonu province where the farmers have grown hemp at least since Ottoman times. Powerful yet smooth, light yet wide, full of surprises with a comfortable touch and feel. Our several models of Hemp Tempo percussion sticks usually do not crack when they are played on the drums. Just be careful on metal instruments and drum rims! If one end of your stick cracks and opens up, you can simply tape or tie the end with any material you like and go on playing with them. They will still produce their special sound. When they finally are finished they readily biodegrade. 

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