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Our Handmade Creations

Our Turkish handmade creations include home fabrics handwoven in our Istanbul workshop, rugs handwoven on traditional vertical looms in our studio in Kastamonu, and rope and cordage products handspun and hand laid at our traditional rope walk in Hanönü near Kastamonu.

Home Textile Weaving

Placemats, table runners and pillow cases are handwoven on at our workshop located in the Tuzla neighborhood of Istanbul, where we operate 14 commercial pattern hand looms. We employ trained weavers and also accept textile school students for on the job training.

Kilim Rug Weaving

Our kilims are designed by Seçil Özelmas, one of the most talented Turkish rug designers and are handwoven on traditional vertical looms. Sixteen weavers work at our studio in the Kastamonu city center.

Rope Making

All of Hemp Bouquet’s cordage and rope products are handmade in traditional rope walks as they have been since Ottoman times. We employ six rope makers trained by a traditional master in our Kastamonu Hanönü workshop.


All Hemp Bouquet employees are paid well above minimum wage and receive full insurance and salary benefits.

Product Assembly

We cooperate with the “Ataşehir Yunus Emre Özel Eğitim İş Uygulama Merkezi” vocational school for disabled adults for sewing our pillow cases and bags as well as manufacturing of some promotional items.

Our Products

Hemp has become a rare fiber, and fine handicrafts come with a price. Hemp cultivation, processing, and handmade production are all labor intensive requiring many hands-on steps. Our farmers are paid a fair price for their fiber and seed, and they are eager to continue growing their traditional hemp crops. We don’t cut corners. Our customers and our environment come first!

What Makes Hemp Bouquet Textiles Sustainable?

Hemp Bouquet exclusively uses Romanian hemp yarn in weaving our rugs, placemats, table runners and pillow cases. The Romanian hemp fiber and yarn used in our products is grown on local farms from improved hemp fiber varieties using low environmental impact techniques, and the fiber is processed in a modern long-fiber textile mill without cottonization.

Hemp Bouquet uses the highest quality European dyes

Our colors are standardized in accordance with ÖKO-TEX Standard 100 which means that our products do not contain dyes that are listed as cancerous or allergenic. All colors are accurately reproducible. Our dying is environmentally sustainable including necessary treatment processes in accordance with industrial wastewater discharge regulations. Hemp Bouquet closely monitors the dying process to assure that we meet the highest possible environmental standards.

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