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Dyed Handspun and Hand Laid Artisanal Authentic Hemp Rope


Designer: Kastamonu Rope Artisans



Dyed Handspun and Hand Laid Artisanal Authentic Hemp Rope in Three Colors: Red, Blue and Black

Approximately 12 mm diameter, we sell minimum 30 meters.

Hemp Bouquet grows all the hemp used in our ropes on small family farms where all the fieldwork and processing is done using traditional techniques. Hemp Bouquet ropes are made by hand with time-tested techniques as they have been for centuries. In order to revive a long-standing rope making tradition that was nearly lost, we employ senior rope makers who now teach the next generations their skills. Hemp Bouquet handmade true hemp ropes are perfect for projects requiring historical authenticity. Hemp ropes have been used for millennia for ship’s rigging, fishing nets and other nautical uses. Hemp rope stretches little, is strong when wet, and remains durable after decades of exposure to sea salt and sun. Hemp rope becomes softer with age yet retains its strength. Hemp Bouquet ropes will last longer than your lifetime.

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Hemp Bouquet
In consultation with historical textile experts and traditional hand weaving teachers
Hemp ropes are naturally anti-microbial, hypo-allergenic, and non-irritant. Hemp is the best choice for ropes since its the strongest and most durable natural fiber. Hemp offers a more sustainable alternative to many of the products we use today, such as cotton and synthetic fibers that rely heavily on petrochemical inputs. Hemp ropes are biodegradable and recyclable. Hemp is well-suited for a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

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