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Ezgi Dikdere grew up in İstanbul, and graduated from the Textile Design department of Marmara University in 2011.

In 2013, Ezgi presented a solo art exhibition in İzmir, Turkey, called ‘Mirror’ where she featured natural fibers and dyes.

Soon she carried these interests into jewelry design, and started ‘Nature Of The Things’ producing natural dyed silk jewelry for well-known Turkish designer shops.

Instead of entering the fast-paced fashion industry, Ezgi chooses slow life and slow designs, using natural and nature friendly materials.

That’s also why she loves the idea of working with hemp.

“Hemp is one of the rarest natural fibers. Finding a chance to work with hemp, to witness hand-made processes with it, is like working with precious stones or crystals. The idea of giving people natural textures to touch their skin feels true to me. My purpose is not to save the world, but to remind people of the treasures of our Earth.”

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