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Design work is an essential part of Seçil Özelmas’ life, and she has been creating carpets, rugs and home textiles since the 1990s.

In 2008, Seçil began to design and manufacture her own collections, as well as providing freelance design for other companies.

Seçil’s design style is simple and straight forward, reflecting the natural materials she uses, while influenced by the intense abstractions and improvisations of traditional Anatolian kilims.

Her favored motifs carry powerful meanings, some from myths and legends, others from the personal experiences of the weaver.

“Using natural materials in my rugs makes me really happy. Hemp is a new material for me. The whole process from seed to harvest, from plant to fiber, and from fiber to weaving is an adventure. I find it very exciting to use hemp in rug and home textile design. Area rugs add spirit to a space and link the furniture to the room.”

Seçil’s designs will bring a rare and unique material to your living environment.






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